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Parish doubles burial costs

Date online: 26 September 2012

...And if you aren’t from Saddleworth, they’ve doubled it again

THE price of a plot in Saddleworth’s historic cemetery has been doubled

And “outsiders” will have to pay double the new cost — four times as much as before.

Saddleworth Parish Council is to raise prices by more than 100 per cent to £1,500. And those from outside the picturesque villages will pay £3,000.

The charges come into force on Monday.

The dramatic rise comes as councillors attempt to make the Uppermill’s Gellfield Lane cemetery a more pleasant place to be laid to rest than its current “overgrown” condition.

Chairman Councillor Brian Lord has slammed the plans as too steep.

But Councillor Neil Allsopp defended the rise, intended to cover the cost of essential repair work to iron gates, do grounds maintenance and even extend the land occupied by the cemetery.

He said: “The cemetery won open-space awards 20 years ago for being an outstanding example of design, but now it looks untouched, uncared for. A lot of work needs to be done to bring it up to standard.”

Councillor Lord is adamant that the rise is too much.

“The graveyard has always made a profit, without prices having to be put up. We are going to get slammed for this.

“This is a service we provide for the people of Saddleworth, but £1,500 extra for people not living in Saddleworth is just too much.”

The new charges will be 750 for exclusive rights to a plot and £750 for burial.

Prices have increased by over 100 per cent since they were last raised three years ago.

Oldhamers pay around £1,200 to be buried elsewhere in the borough.


So people from Saddleworth are not only elite in life,but in death also...now we know.

Can see a big rise in the elite being buried in there beloved oldham but then again maybe Kirklees as I can't see a true Yorkie being buried in Lancashire can you

This means that in the current economic climate i can't even afford to flippin die.

Cemeteries are one of the few things that a Parish Council are actually allowed to run. Having been stung to pay for it in their Parish Council precept on their Council Tax, I reckon Saddleworth residents have a case to be buried in it for free.

Isn't this whole issue about land and land value. We can't all be buried or eventually the whole country will be filled with graves. Cremation is an alternative which takes up no space and is probably nowhere near the cost.

With religion approaching its sell-by date, I would expect more people to be cremated anyway.

I wonder if Saddleworths Finest will ever regret his previous comment, as for the price hike its really not on. Its really true that money makes the world go round.

They'd have to pay me £3,000 a week to live in the god-forsaken place. The people whose families have lived there for generations are alright, reasonable and sensible. It's those NIMBYS who want Saddleworth to remain some kind of Disney version of the 1930s; would like to see the area become dominated by the wealthy; and want to stop anybody else moving in, who get up my nose.
Saddleworth is a nice place from which to return to civilisation.

@old mancunian. Do only religious people get buried?

@LATIC38 Saddleworth isn't and never has been part of Lancashire, the worst insult you can legitimately throw at Saddleworth is that it's Gtr Manchester/Oldham.
@JMTS The Saddleworth precept is currently subsidised by the profit from the cemetery,the increase ensures that only users of the cemetery pay for it's upkeep and not the precept payers.
It's an interesting point though, as an Oldham council tax payer should I be getting a free burial at Hollinwood.

Not at all design970, but many people do get buried, as opposed to being cremated, for religious reasons. Certain religions do not agree with cremation, whereas Hindus embrace.

@wac I think you should read my piece again I never stated wiggetworth is part if oldham or Lancashire gladly


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