GMP backing knife crime drive

Date published: 20 September 2018

Greater Manchester Police are backing a drive to end knife crime in our region.

They say there are many misconceptions about knives and want young people not to put themselves or others in danger by carrying a weapon.

It’s often thought that carrying a knife is only punishable by a caution providing it hasn’t been used – but officers are warning people in Oldham that is not true.

Carrying a knife comes with the possibility of a four-year jail term – even if it hasn’t been used.

Officers are also warning people who carry weapons are more likely to be injured or left in hospital as a result of violent crime.

The campaign, called Knife Free, says there are many legal, emotional, and personal implications of carrying a knife.

Anyone who is armed risks a criminal record – and self-defence is not a defence in court.

The campaign also says there is no “safe place” to stab someone and that any stab wound can be fatal.

Anyone who is concerned about a friend or family member carrying a knife can get information here: