Desperation coming out of Brussels

Date published: 07 February 2018


Every comment that emanates from Brussels about Brexit reveals both their increasing desperation over our withdrawal and their misunderstanding about the very nature of the British.

Brexit Secretary David Davis has told EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier it is perfectly clear what we want to do, adding, ‘There’s no doubt about it, we are leaving the customs union.’

And Barnier’s response, ‘We have to respect the red lines of the British government but they have to respect the rules of the Union.’

Well I beg to disagree, we are heading for the door, backed by the majority of voters in this country, and no, we no longer have to respect the rules of the Union.

We may be a small island but that has never dinted our justified self-belief and our success as a trading nation. We will continue to be a successful trading power after we leave and the EU will always want to trade with us.

So the sooner the EU accepts that Britain - which has long been a thorn in its side, apart from our massive financial input - does not need them as much as they need us, the better.

Paul Nuttall, North West MEP
UK Independence Party

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