Organ donation laws should be changed

Date published: 26 February 2018


It is obviously a terrible tragedy that people die through a lack of donor organs.

But I firmly do not believe that the law in England should be changed from opting in to opting out.

Yes, there is plainly a need for more donor organs but for the State to presume to take a citizen’s organs without explicit permission is wrong.

They do not belong to the State in life and should not do so in death.

An opt-out system was introduced in Wales in 2015 and this actually led to a drop in deceased donors so why is it thought such a system will work any better in England?

It is estimated that moving to a system whereby citizens have to opt out will bring an extra 100 donors a year but I think in our liberal society we should retain the existing system but devote much more effort to encouraging people to carry donor cards.

It should be a matter of conscience not diktat.

Paul Nuttall, North West MEP

UK Independence Party

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