Remainers still fighting a rearguard action

Date published: 06 April 2018


It has been mooted by the Brexit Select Committee that Britain should remain in the European Economic Area and follow the Norwegian model after we leave the EU.

Well that is Brexit in name only and not leaving as voted for by the majority of the public. 

If we remain in the EEA then Britain would have to pay the EU annual tribute money, obey a large proportion of EU laws, and have open borders to EU citizens.

The Remainers, who form the majority of the Commons’s Brexit Select Committee, are still fighting a rearguard action and Brexit is being betrayed, with plans being laid so we do not really leave and groundwork established for the UK to re-join in the years to come.

Only UKIP stands for a full and complete exit from the EU and we are needed now as much as ever.

Paul Nuttall, North West MEP

UK Independence Party

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