Athletic legend Barrett should have been given a chance

Date published: 08 May 2018


Re: Oldham Athletic.

It's struggle after struggle each season.

But what do people expect from a board that consistently employs underachieving managers? 

I know that a certain ex-club captain Earl Barrett has applied on numerous occasions for the manager's position, only to be told that he didn't have the experience required for the job.

This is a former player who has achieved his coaching European A Licence and also has a sports science degree.

In order to be given an opportunity that this country (who he represented at senior level) is unable to offer him for whatever reasons, he moved to the USA where he is Director of Coaching at a senior soccer academy in Houston, Texas.

It is to our football shame that Earl, and others like him, are being denied a chance to be in coaching in England.

I hope that change will come soon.

Kenneth Roberts

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