Irish border issue is just a political ruse

Date published: 22 May 2018


The issue of the Irish border being a stumbling block in Brexit negotiations is nothing more than a political ruse, caused by both Brussels and Dublin, who are doing their utmost to keeping the UK in a customs union and stirred on by splits within the Cabinet and a dithering PM.

Switzerland and Norway are not in the EU customs union and yet both goods and people cross smoothly across their borders every day.

The same applies around the world such as the border between Canada and the USA.

Because of new technology and intelligence there is little or no need for full checks and according to the World Bank  following a recent review of 19 countries, on average only 2% of goods are checked at borders.

Brussels along with Dublin are using the Irish border as a pretext to keeping us shackled to the EU and customs union and are relying on our weakened Government under pressure from Remainers in both Houses, big business, the CBI and other voices with vested interests.

It is high time that both the Government got on with the Brexit that 17.4 million voted for, and to quote Mrs May, “ Brexit means Brexit” 

Philip Griffiths 

Broadcaster and commentator

The views expressed are those of the author of the letter and not those of Oldham Chronicle.