'No' should mean 'no'

Date published: 22 November 2018


It was thought to be ‘job done’ when the 2016 referendum result was delivered.

However, the deliberate foot-dragging by Theresa May - who has never wanted us to leave the EU - means that unfortunately it has not turned out to be so.

But we must keep fighting off the relentless attempts by the Establishment to wear us down into giving up the struggle to regain our independence.

We are being betrayed by many of those elected to represent us and I urge everyone to write to their MP demanding they ensure we get a real, not a pretend, Brexit.

MPs are there to represent the views of the people and the more letters and emails they receive telling them to get on with enacting the result of the vote the better.

Many people who voted to remain did so because they are afraid of the unknown and are too young to remember how it was before we were conned into joining the Common Market. 

We are perfectly capable of running our own country without instructions from the Brussels bullies, and have no doubt that is what those bureaucrats are.

Having seen at first hand as an MEP exactly how they operate I have no doubt that the unknown is a damn sight more preferable than the known with the EU.

We are a democratic country and the Remainers make the mistake of thinking the EU is also democratic.

They argue that we need to have British MEPs to influence EU decisions but that is laughable as any review of voting outcomes demonstrates.

Our Westminster MPs do influence outcomes here and they must not let Mrs May continue leading us into what is effectively continued membership of the EU.

We said no and we mean no.

Paul Nuttall

North West MEP

UK Independence Party

The views expressed are those of the author of the letter and not those of Oldham Chronicle.