Musical talent truly make their mark at the QE Hall

Date published: 23 March 2018

Oldham Music Centre has this week been celebrating the musical talent so evident within the borough as part of the national ‘Get Creative Festival'.

More than 1,500 musicians will have performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the week-long festival of Oldham’s prodigious musical talent. 

The concerts have featured an enormous range of musical styles, from wind bands to rock groups, choirs to brass bands, orchestras to community bands and electric guitar bands to folk groups. 

The highlight of the week was a very special event that gave almost 550 beginner musicians the opportunity to come together on Wednesday (March 21) as part of ‘Oldham’s Biggest Band’. 

They rehearsed in different venues separately during the morning and then all assembled at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the afternoon to present a short concert for their family members.

Gerard Booth, Director of Music, said: “The Biggest Band Day was one of the largest events that we have ever undertaken in Oldham and it was immensely satisfying to give so many young people a free opportunity to make music together. 

"As those who heard the band perform will know, that so many beginner instrumentalists playing such a diverse range of instruments could come together during just one day and learn a selection of pieces so well, was nothing short of amazing. 

"We plan to repeat the experience again next year for a new cohort and make the day even better."