Penk planning a radio revolution

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date published: 08 September 2008

THE new boss of Oldham’s radio station has outlined his plans for attracting listeners.

Steve Penk said 96.2 The Revolution was the ideal purchase and he aims to make it more mainstream.

He moved from London to Oldham today to be in the borough full-time as he oversees his new acquisition.

The station, which is based at the Sarah Moor Studios, Henshaw Street, was previously jointly owned by UKRD and Oldham Evening Chronicle owner Hirst, Kidd and Rennie.

There has already been a change in format from local alternative music to more mainstream pop and classic hits.

Manchester-born Mr Penk made his name at Manchester station Key 103 and worked at Capital Radio and Virgin as well as presenting the television programmes “TV Nightmares” and “TV’s Naughtiest Blunders”.

The Revolution is his first acquisition and he wants to continue presenting while making the transition to businessman.

He said: “I felt the time was right. I have done presenting for a long time now and been looking at radio acquisitions for a while.

“The Revolution became available and for me it’s the ideal purchase.

“I want to make it very mainstream and fun and entertaining and to take on the big boys. Listeners clearly did not want the old Revolution as they were not listening as much.

“When the Revolution launched in 1999 it was incredibly successful and if we can make it popular again that’s good for the people of Oldham.

“I want to make it a fun place and a radio station you want to listen to.

“It really is a lifetime’s work that has gone into buying it and I have to go in full of optimism that I can make a success of it.

“Key 103 and Century and Smooth FM are hugely successful radio stations and do a great job and if we can be half as successful I will be a happy boy.

“I’m North-West born and bred. It’s nice to come home and it’s great to be here.”