Woolas toasts 103 majority

Date published: 11 May 2010

Phil Woolas, who was returned as MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth with a majority of 103 after two recounts, celebrated his narrow victory with a liquid reminder of his success.

Mr Woolas (51) bought a bottle of 103, a light Spanish brandy, from Oldham wine merchants, Winos, of George Street.

The MP, who was meeting constituents over the weekend, took a look at the bottle’s label and quipped: “I will drink this for the rest of my life.”

He needed two recounts to beat Liberal Democrat Elwyn Watkins, with a final majority of 103 votes on a swing from Labour to the Lib-Dems.

Acknowledging his slim triumph, Mr Woolas said: “I pledge to serve all the people of this constituency, regardless of their political persuasions.”

Then, Labour’s Immigration Minister and North-West Business Minister, joked: “I’m the Paul Scholes of politics and I won in Fergie time!”

The brandy, which comes from Jerez, is a popular drink with British tourists who have visited Spain.