Big Al’s back on the air

Reporter: Andrew Rudkin
Date published: 16 January 2013

Revolution boss Penk declares truce with presenter
POPULAR radio presenter Big Al is returning to 96.2 The Revolution — despite being told he would never work for the station again.

Alan Nield, who was axed from his daytime spot after an Armistice Day row in 2011, will take the mic again for a weekend show.

Celebrity DJ Steve Penk, who owns the Oldham-based station, broke the news to listeners on his Breakfast Show yesterday.

The presenter’s exit followed the station’s decision not to observe a two-minute silence on November 11. Alan, from Shaw, pre-recorded links for the rest of his show that day and left his post – upset at complaints from listeners.

Within hours he had received a call from Penk, who told him it was “unforgivable” to leave during a show and fired him. He told followers on Twitter that Big Al would never work for the station again.

But the spat is over and the air cleared between the two

Alan, who first worked for the station in 2001 and returned when Penk bought it in 2008, will now present a weekend show from Sunday, then every Saturday and Sunday between 9am-1pm.

He said: “We just decided to move things forward. I am so looking forward to talking with The Revolution’s listeners. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster over the past 12 months.”

He added that he and his boss are friends again.

Steve Penk said: “Everyone should be given a second chance — and I like Al’s passion for radio and for The Revolution 96.2. The past is the past.”