Euro election party line-up

Date published: 29 April 2014

CANDIDATES from 11 political parties will battle it out for eight North-West European Parliament seats next month.

The European elections are on May 22 - the same day as Oldham’s local council elections.

Ten of the parties have each nominated eight people to stand as a Euro-MP — one for each seat under the list system of proportional representation used in European elections.

The candidates are:

::An Independence From Europe Party — Helen Bashford, Gill Kearney, Pauline Penny, Kay Bashford, Faye Raw, Lorna Markovitch, Jennie Ransome and Jill Stockdale.

::British National Party — Nick Griffin, Dawn Charlton, Clive Jefferson, Eddy O’Sullivan, Simon Darby, Kay Pollitt, Derek Adams, David O’Loughlin.

::Conservative Party — Jacqueline Foster, Sajjad Karim, Kevin Beaty, Deborah Dunleavy, Joseph Barker-Willis, Daniel Hamilton, Chris Whiteside, James Walsh.

::English Democrat Party — Stephen Morris, Paul Rimmer, Derek Bullock, Paul Whitelegg, Steven McEllenborough, Laurence Depares, Valerie Morris, Anthony Backhouse.

::Green Party — Peter Andrew Cranie, Gina Dowding, Laura Bannister, Jillian Barbara Perry, John Anthony Knight, Ulrike Zeshan, Lewis Coyne, Jake Laurence Welsh.

::Labour Party — Theresa Griffin, Afzal Khan, Julie Ward, Wajid Khan, Angeliki Stogia, Steve Carter, Pascale Lamb, Nick Parnell.

::Liberal Democrat Party — Chris Davies, Helen Foster-Grime, Jo Crotty, Qassim Afzal, Jane Brophy, Sue McGuire, Gordon Lishman, Neil Christian.

::NO2EU Party — Roger Bannister, George Waterhouse, Jacqueline Grunsell, John Metcalfe, George Tapp, Mark Rowe, James Healy, Kevin Morrison.

::Pirate Party UK — Maria Aretoulaki, George Walkden, Jack Allnutt.

::Socialist Equality Party — Chris Marsden, Julie Hyland, Robert Skelton, Lucy Warren, Mark Dowson, Ajitha Gunaratne, Danny Dickinson, Joe Heffer.

::UK Independence Party — Paul Andrew Nuttall, Louise Bours, Steven Marcus Woolfe, Shneur Zalman Odze, Lee William Slaughter, Simon John Noble, Peter Johnston Harper, John Brian Stanyer.

The North West’s current Euro-MPs are Sir Robert Atkins (Con), Arlene McCarthy (Lab) and Brian Simpson (Lab), who are all standing down; plus Jacqueline Foster (Con), Sajjad Karim (Con), Chris Davies (Lib-Dem), Paul Nuttall (UKIP) and Nick Griffin (BNP), all of whom intend to stand again.