Tree of life

Date published: 09 December 2014

A proud couple have created a unique first — by planting an oak tree in a new celebration wood to mark the birth of their son.

The wood, the first of its kind for the RSPB, offers people a chance to contribute towards the creation of a wild woodland at Dovestone, Saddleworth’s famous beauty spot.

And RSPB see planting a tree as a unique way to celebrate a new beginning, a life well-lived or simply as a gift for nature lovers.

Roy Taylor, RSPB Peak District reserves area manager, and his wife Anna planted the tree at the two and half acre site to celebrate the birth of their son, Roy Junior.

The tree was a gift from work colleagues and a delighted Roy said: “It was a wonderful gesture. We wanted to do something special and long lasting to celebrate the birth and what could be better than planting a tree.

“Now, as a family, we can keep returning to Dovestone to see how much both the tree and our son have grown.

“We also have the satisfaction of knowing our tree will be a small part of creating a wild woodland, full of the wildlife we love and adding to the beauty of this very special place.”

The new woodland is located close to Ashway Gap picnic area, halfway around the main Dovestone circular trail, and offers breathtaking views across the reservoir.

A fence has been erected to prevent sheep from entering the woodland and eating the new trees and wildflowers.

Jacqui Green, RSPB celebration wood project officer, said: “This is a really exciting time for Dovestone and we are looking forward to seeing the woodland develop.

“Just think how the wood will be celebrating life 100 years from now. There are plenty of ways to get involved — whether by planting a tree or making a donation towards the creation of the wild wood.”

RSPB suggest a £495 donation to cover the cost of them buying and caring for the tree, creation and maintenance of the celebration wood, along with support for the wider Dovestone and RSPB work.

Once a tree has been planted, buyers will receive a certificate and can visit the wood to see it grow.

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