Moody views

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date published: 24 April 2015

MOORSIDE artist Hugh Winterbottom has set out on a marathon journey to capture the North in all its moods.

In a task spanning two and a half years, he has now turned his painstaking research and eye for detail into a compelling series of dramatic paintings for a major solo exhibition.

Hugh (41) travelled hundreds of miles to produce 50 stunning paintings which will be exhibited at the prestigious Salford City Art Gallery from next month until September.

Entitled “The Now, The North”, Hugh’s work in oils depicts iconic buildings and scenes from Oldham, Saddleworth, central Manchester, Salford and Derbyshire.

Hugh, who works from a studio at Woodend Mill, Mossley, said: “Originally, I’d planned to produce 40 paintings for the exhibition but the challenge was so absorbing I’ve actually completed 50. I have tried to capture a fresh colourful style using various techniques in oil paint.

“Two years ago, I sent a submission for an exhibition to the Salford City Art Gallery and to my surprise I was accepted for a solo exhibition.

“It’s a fantastic space to fill and I’m working towards completing the task with great excitement.”