Landlord lands Debbie in trouble with IPSA

Date published: 02 July 2015

A landlord’s refusal to return a tenancy deposit led to Oldham MP Debbie Abrahams having her office credit cards temporarily suspended.

Mrs Abrahams was one of 19 MPs to face action by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, which issues MPs with credit cards to pay for travel, accommodation and approved expenses. The politicians must prove any spending is genuine by the end of each month, otherwise they build up a debt to the watchdog.

When Mrs Abrahams’ card was suspended she owed £2,586.90, since repaid. She explained: “The amount outstanding to IPSA was for a tenancy deposit loan a previous landlord had refused to return. I was in protracted correspondence with IPSA and others over many months.

“When it became clear the deposit wouldn’t be repaid before the dissolution of parliament, I took out a loan to repay IPSA - which I did before the deadline. I continue to pursue the lettings agency and former landlord for the return of the deposit.”