Tragedy of 24-year-old who couldn’t reveal his feelings

Date published: 22 October 2015

A CORONER yesterday heard how a 24 year old man took his own life months after losing his job.

Nicholas Wild (24), of Denton Lane, Chadderton, used a plastic bag to suffocate himself on June 10 and was found by his mother Lesley. A suicide note was by his side.

Nicholas had previously suggested the loss of his job and having only a few friends left him feeling he would be better off taking his life. He had lost his job in February after having to take more than two weeks off to do jury service.

Coroner Simon Nelson said: “The untimely death of Nicholas Wild is not dissimilar, sadly, to a number of other scenarios I have had to deal with involving young men, who find it difficult to open up and confide in others.

“I can appreciate how he must have felt having lost his job. If it was by reason of jury service I would have concerns about the conduct of his employer.”

Mr Wild, an Oldham Athletic fan, started university in 2009 and hoped to become a film director, but dropped out 18 months later after an emotional breakdown.

His mother said: “He was a loner and kept his own company but he was happy in that. He was a very quiet person so when he started having his breakdown, it wasn’t evident for quite a while.”

Mr Nelson recorded that Nicholas took his own life while suffering from a depressive illness.