Local Election 2018

Philip Edward Howarth

Medlock Vale Ward

59 Belgrave Road

I am YOUR Independent candidate for the forthcoming local elections in Medlock Vale.

Fitton Hill born and bred, I am a 53-year-old Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

I have been a school governor at St Martin's and Hathershaw, served seven years as a territorial with 75 Royal Engineers and won my black belt at our very own Cherry Leaf Ju Jitsu.

Club secretary of the Fitton Hill Bulldogs ARLFC, I also have a certificate for five yards breast stroke, cycling proficiency and to top it all, I've kissed the Blarney Stone.

1. I will campaign to reduce Councillors and senior executives wages by AT LEAST 25%
2. Campaign to suspend ALL reductions of front line council workers wages and conditions.
3. Work tirelessly to represent hard working low paid residents who pay their way and struggle year on year with increasing Council Tax bills. I WILL ALWAYS vote against Council Tax rises.
4. Insist on more police on our streets, our area has sky high insurance rates because of high criminality,.
5. Always fight to safeguard our NHS.
6. Campaign to protect green spaces, supporting community led actions that promote sports for our children and grandchildren.

Local Election 2018