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The Leaders

In keeping with the history of Guiding we use traditional Owl names for our Guiders


Snowy Owl [Kirsty] - is now out longest serving leader with the unit. Originally a Brownie in the Unit, she later became a Young Leader and has been an adult Leader for almost 18 years. She helped to open the Rainbow Unit in 2009 and is now involved in getting our re-opened Guide unit up and running. Being involved in all three sections not only enables her to have a good understanding of the Guiding Journey it also means that the by the time the girls reach Guides she knows them very well and they know her.  

Eagle Owl [Marion] joined us as a Unit Helper in November 2012 and has recently completed her Leadership Qualification and is lead Rainbow leader. From organising a leader's play retelling the story of St George, complete with leaders in costume, a dragon and a lance through to proudly walking round Dovestones reservoir in a Owl Onesie. To helping plan and organise a Pirate Activity day for the girls as a start of the summer holiday's treat or even sleeping in a marquee with Kirsty, 12 girls from our unit and 1989 other Brownies and leaders at Chester Zoo to celebrate the Brownie Centenary - Marion has been at the heart of the activity. 

Hawk Owl [Tracey] started our as a Unit Helper after helping our one evening when one of the leadership team was unable to attend at short notice. Tracey rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in and found that she rather enjoyed helping out. After working with the unit for about 18 months she took the decision to work towards her Leadership Qualification.  

Tawny Owl [Sharon] is our newest helper, after coming on a couple of trips as a parent helper, including our Sponsored Onesie Walk round Dovestones Reservoir - Kirsty and Marion joked that she should come on board as she had proven she was on the same slightly crazy wavelength as them. After all Kirsty and Marion were already signed up volunteers and had suggested the Onesie aspect of the sponsored walk to the girls, Sharon was a parent who had come along for the fun. In September 2016, she started as a Unit Helper and quickly came to the realisation that Guiding was for her and that she wanted to do her Leadership Qualification.

In addition to our Leaders we have Sparkle, [Lisa] our Unit Helper - who as you may have guessed from her Guiding name is rather crafty and likes helping the girls with the various crafts and activities we do. She mainly works with the Rainbows and Brownies. We are also lucky enough to have a Young Leader Parrot [Isobel]. Young Leaders are members of Girlguiding's Senior Section aged 14 - 18, working with the girls, helping to plan and run meetings, not only helping the girls to have fun but also developing skills for the future and hopefully going on to complete the Adult Leadership Qualification when they turn 18. Parrot is a great favourite among the girls and an asset to our unit team.

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