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Monumental Masons in Oldham

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Joseph Taylor & Sons

669 Middleton Road, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 5SN

Tel: 0161 624 1173 Fax: 0161 628 3158 

Monumental Masons

Bullen Conservation & Masonry Specialists

Lower House Street, Oldham, OL1 3NN

Tel: 0161 633 6528  

Monumental Masons

Robinson Memorials

416 Hollins Road, Oldham, OL8 3BE

Tel: 0161 624 1270 

Monumental Masons

McDermotts Memorials

112 Hollinhall Street, Oldham

Tel: 0161 624 1411  

Monumental Masons

Robertson Memorials

66 - 68 Limeside Road, Oldham

Tel: 0161 681 1875  

Monumental Masons


42 Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7FA

Tel: 01706 840642 

Monumental Masons

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