The ultimate Man vs Food challenge heads to Oldham!

Date published: 12 June 2018

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Jack’s American Bar and Grill in Oldham will be buzzing on Sunday as American Man vs Food legend Randy Santel is in town to take on his latest epic challenge.

Professional eater and bodybuilder Randy can boast more than 130,000,000 YouTube views, but he is jetting into the UK this weekend to take on his latest Man vs Food challenge.

He will attempt to polish off a monster 70oz steak on Father’s Day – June 17 – at 5pm.

Customers are being encouraged to take part in the form of challenging Randy, helping to put on what promises to be a brilliant show.

Anyone who beats the challenge will receive £100 to donate to a charity of their choice.

Randy Santel is set to truly put Oldham on the map this Sunday, when a terrific Father’s Day is in prospect.

Get down to Jack’s American Bar and Grill, which is on Yorkshire Street, for the ultimate Man vs Food challenge.

Randy Santel is a YouTube superstar as he takes on his Man vs Food challenges across the globe