Jane is a true guardian angel

Date published: 15 June 2018

A shopping centre supervisor has won an award after coming to the rescue of a woman who was suffering a heart attack.

Jane Gerrard, aged 43, who is Security Supervisor for the Westgrove Group at Spindles Town Square in Oldham, rushed to help 52-year-old Susan Davenport, who had collapsed outside the shopping centre.

Susan, who lives in Oldham, was at the time being comforted by a member of the public who believed that she was suffering from an epileptic fit, but Susan confirmed that she was not epileptic.

She complained of chest pains and Jane realised that she was suffering from a heart attack.

Jane, who also lives in Oldham and has been working at the centre for 18 years, received an ‘Outstanding Act’ award from The Westgrove Group, as part of their ‘Reward & Recognition’ scheme.

She was praised for keeping Susan calm and warm until the ambulance arrived.

Susan – who made a full recovery – later located Jane via Facebook Messenger and sent her a message saying she owed her ‘a great big hug’.

Jane said: “Susan was shopping in the centre when she was collapsed and I was called to come and attend to her.

"She complained of chest pains and I quickly realised that she needed urgent medical help.

“I got her into the W position and kept a check on her pain threshold.

"It was raining so I fetched her a blanket to keep her warm and continued to talk to her to try and keep her as calm as possible.

“After discovering she wasn’t epileptic I knew it was either a heart attack or angina attack.

"I stayed with her until the ambulance arrived, along with a member of the public who found her initially, and briefed the paramedics when they came.”

Susan said: “Jane is quite literally my life saver; I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her.

"I call her my guardian angel.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Jane and will always remember what she did for me.”