'Quadrophenia Night' review - the Witchwood, January 14, 2017

Reporter: Simon Smedley
Date published: 15 January 2017

AS I've mentioned on my music pages quite a number of times in the past couple of years, it would appear that there are still a few mods about.

That was certainly the case when I attended the latest of the touring 'Quadrophenia Nights' at the Witchwood (Ashton's very own version of Liverpool's Cavern Club, I read recently).

The place was rammed - crowded with fans of the iconic late 70s mod revival movie, and those fans' ages ranged from 20s to 50 and even 60-somethings.

Leicester-based Drew Stansall - who dreamt up the 'Quadrophenia Nights' and has definitely worked out a very successful formula - put on a terrific night, one which will have evoked some cherished memories and created so many more.

With the 'Quadrophenia Nights' touring regularly throughout the year - Milton Keynes and Sheffield get the treatment this coming weekend - a number of different tribute bands feature as highlights.

I've seen the Atlantics (the Who tribute) and the Style Selectors (two tone specialists) at past club nights, but at the Witchwood it was the turn of the Absolute Kinks.

Of course Ray Davies, Dave Davies and the original Kinks were huge favourites of the original 60s mods, and these young graduates from the Leeds College of Music definitely did them justice.

Bossing the stage and whipping up the crowd in their dapper-looking burgundy matching 60s suits, the Absolute Kinks - Jay, FD, Nigel and CS - had the dance floor rocking to the sounds of all the big, big hits.

And they are many don't forget - 'You really got me', 'All day and all of the night', 'Days', 'Till the end of the day', 'Dedicated follower of fashion', 'Sunny afternoon', 'Lola', 'Waterloo sunset', and my personal favourite - 'Autumn almanac'.

Two brilliant sets fired up a magical night of nostalgia, one bookended by great DJ sets from Stansall, the main man, the former sax player with the Specials and the Paradimes, no less.

Add to that the cameo appearance of the 'Bell Boy' to add his weight to the live show, and there we had it - another top night.

If you're into mod, ska, two-tone, soul and 60s tunes, this is THE night for all you ace faces!

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