Local Muslims dig in for 'City of Trees' initiative

Date published: 07 March 2018

Despite the recent cold weather, young Ahmadi Muslims from Oldham and Manchester dug in to plant trees as part of the increasingly popular 'City of Trees' initiative.

At the local event, held at Warwick Road open space in Failsworth, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth volunteers helped plant a mixture of of trees, including alder, birch and oak.  

Oldham Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth leader Laiq Khan said: “Islam teaches us not only to respect one another, but to look after our surroundings.

"We have therefore joined forces with City of Trees to beautify our town and help create a legacy not only for us, but also future generations. 

"Even in cold weather, our youth volunteers worked very hard. It has been a great experience for us all."

Kevin Wigley, from City of Trees, said: “It’s always very good to see young members of community turn up for tree-planting sessions despite cold weather.”

City of Trees is an innovative and exciting movement set to re-invigorate Greater Manchester's landscape by transforming underused, unloved woodland and planting a tree for every man, woman and child who lives there, within a generation.