Another Oldham organisation opens up for hate crime victims

Reporter: Carl Hartley
Date published: 06 February 2019

Oldham is sending a strong message that hate crime will not be tolerated in the town.

Events are being held all this week, part of Greater Manchester Hate Crime Awareness Week 2019.

Now a local housing association has announced that its office in Oldham has become a third-party Hate Crime reporting centre.

Regenda Homes has worked closely with partner agencies in the region to promote the reporting of Hate Crime in the Oldham area.

Hate crime is an act of violence or hostility that is directed at a person or group because of who they are or what they think they are.

It comes in many different forms such as, physical attacks, a threat of attack and verbal abuse or insults. Anyone can be affected by such incidents.

Anybody wishing to report hate crime can use Regenda Homes’ facilities to access phones or computers and have a confidential conversation with Stop Hate UK.

Regenda Homes is a running an event to promote Hate Crime Awareness on Friday 8 February 2019, 9am-12pm at The St Chads Centre, Limegreen Parade, Limehurst Village, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 3HH.