Will the Leave voters get what they wanted?

Date published: 21 February 2018


As the Government is now preparing for the next round of negotiations with the EU, there still appears to be splits within the Cabinet, as indeed there are within the opposition party, which means will the 17.4 million who voted Leave really in the end get what they voted for?

Like it or not, it was UKIP that caused the 2016 in/out EU referendum, following 23 years of campaigning and the then PM David Cameron ceding to the growing demands from the voters.

But as most of the establishment thought that their scaremongering tactics of “Project Fear” would be enough to maintain the status quo, they were not prepared for the Leave result that followed, nor what to do in the event.

Now, despite UKIP`s recent adverse publicity, they still have an important job to do. That is to hold the Government to account over whatever deal they negotiate and ensure it satisfies the majority who voted to leave.

UKIP has been written off many times before but have always managed to bounce back, and with their new interim leader members are returning and at least one Conservative councillor has now swopped over to the Party as he is disappointed with the Tory Brexit talks.

Phil Griffiths, 

(North West political commentator and broadcaster) 

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