Well done to GMP for tackling the 'moped muggers'

Date published: 03 July 2018


Just about every day we hear of another murder or violent crime being reported, this despite official figure claiming that crime is on the decline.

One of the new perpetrators appears to be the so called "moped muggers" who blatantly rob jewellery and mobile phones off unsuspecting victims with impunity, because police appear afraid of over-reaction by elements of political correctness.

This Conservative government is doing little to assure the citizens of this country that they are acting to resolve and indeed reverse the situation.

The Manchester Police Force are, however, taking the lead on the matter and should be congratulated for their actions, as anyone who has seen the recent news video, in which they arrested two suspect ' moped muggers' in their tracks, will agree.

Well done to them.

Now it is surely the duty of this government to ensure that other police forces follow suit.

Phil Griffiths

Broadcaster and Commentator

The views expressed are those of the author of the letter and not those of Oldham Chronicle.