What happens when we finally leave the EU?

Date published: 03 September 2018


As we get closer to leaving the EU there has been much talk in the media about the consequences of a no-deal Brexit, a second referendum, food and medicine shortages, the army to be put on standby and now subsidies.

We get subsidies on a range of things, from London to the regions, EU funded projects, including tourism to agriculture and it is a cause of concern to those who receive them, what happens when we finally leave?  

Remember, the subsidies are part of the UK's rebate and therefore British taxpayers’ money in the first place, not  EU money as implied.

Britain receives around £18bn in rebate which is then spent on the various project leaving around £8bn as our net contribution to the EU.  

While the Government has guaranteed that subsidies will remain until the general election in 2022, it would be prudent for those organisations that rely upon them to lobby for future payments after we leave, after all there appears to be sufficient funding available.

Phil Griffiths

Broadcaster and Commentator

The views expressed are those of the author of the letter and not those of Oldham Chronicle.