Don't miss out on your Attendance Allowance

Date published: 08 January 2019


Last August we set out to raise awareness of Attendance Allowance.

This is a non-means-tested benefit to help with disability-related daily living costs.

It is available to those 65 or over who do not already receive personal independence payment (PIP) or disability living allowance (DLA).

We pointed out that thousands of elderly people who could be entitled to this extra tax free allowance do not make a claim, possibly due to the kind of public perception of being scroungers.

So far as a result of our first campaign we have secured payments of Attendance Allowance worth over £300,000!

If you have ever wondered if you could be entitled to the Allowance it’s not too late to find out as Benefitanswers are again offering a FREE check to see if you could qualify for this Allowance.

If you are OVER 65 and would like further information ring 03302234773 or email:

June Bennett


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