Inspirational Natalie

Date published: 01 October 2013

A WOMAN whose amazing cancer-beating story has inspired fellow sufferers has been nominated for a Pride in Oldham award.

Natalie Yates-Bolton (right) has beaten cancer four times. Her resilience and courage has helped many more to cope with the disease.

Oldham career adviser and fitness instructor Adele Fraser nominated Natalie after her inspirational words of support helped her through a traumatic time. After Adele announced to her fitness class she had stomach cancer, Natalie came forward to say she too was undergoing chemotherapy but she wasn’t going to let it get in the way of her living her life.

Adele added: “I just had to nominate Natalie as she’s been a big inspiration to me because she encouraged me to carry on with my life. She’s amazing.”

Natalie, a nursing lecturer at Salford University, said: “Helping people makes me think something positive has come out of this experience. When Adele told me about the nomination I cried. I’m really touched to be nominated.”