Caremark can put your minds at rest

Date published: 05 December 2018

For many people, qualifying for financial help and support with their care needs is a great relief.

At Caremark, staff can discuss yours, or your loved one’s care needs in more depth.

Caremark can then offer clear and concise advice, tailored to the particular situation.

Caremark’s Care Services can be paid for in many different ways.  

This will depend on the individual’s care needs and the points below will give you an idea of the relevant criteria:

·         The individual’s requirements and care needs

·         Individual’s personal savings

·         Current and future living arrangements 

·         How much care is required and how often? 

·         If the person can afford the care, they need

Caremark staff will be more than happy to run through these questions with you.

They will then be able to recommend the type of care required, the cost involved, as well as how to fund it.

The different methods for paying for care include: 

·  Self-Funding. The individual has enough savings to support themselves through the care needed. We quote clear payment structures, with no hidden extras. 

·  Local Authority Funding. This can be sourced from personal budgets or direct payments. 

·  HSC Trust Funding. (This may be available in your area). Different payment methods include debit card, cheque or bank transfer depending on your preference.

How is care funding assessed? 

Personal funds are assessed by breaking down their income and expenses into categories, leaving a final amount.

This will take into consideration their total income, outgoings and expenses. Including council tax, disability expenditure (if applicable), and any protected income. 

The final amount, along with property valuation and other personal capital savings, will determine if the person qualifies for funding support. In some cases, you may qualify for part funded support.

This means the individual will pay for part of their care and the LA or other authority will pay the rest. 

You will be able to find out more about this as you proceed with your application with your local Caremark office. 

Funding Care and support with Local Authority, NHS Funding and HSC Trust 

If the individual does qualify for full financial support, Caremark can look after every aspect of the process.

Staff will deal with any bills and paperwork as we work directly with the different funders on their behalf. 

The Caremark team will assist you from the beginning and help you with each step in the process.

They want to ensure you receive the most suitable funding method for your circumstances. 

How much does care cost? 

Caremark’s charges are based on an hourly rate and how much time is needed will depend on your individual care requirements.

So, whether it is live-in care, respite care or any other of our support services, the costs involved can be clarified at our initial discussion.

Staff will be able to answer any questions you may have to support you making the right choice for your needs. 

Please contact your local Caremark office to enquire more about setting up a personalised care plan.