What do I need to know before I hand in my resignation?

Date published: 07 December 2021

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"I’m having some problems at work and it’s making me really unhappy. I’m thinking about leaving to find something new. What do I need to know before I hand in my resignation?"

Resigning might feel like a good option if you’re feeling unhappy at work, but it’s a big step so you should consider all your options first.  

You could try to solve the problems a different way or find another job before resigning. If you do decide to resign, there are steps you should follow to do it properly.

It’s worth thinking about whether you’d want to stay in your job if the problems were solved. You might be able to get your employer to put things right without having to resign.

Our advice on dealing with problems at work outlines informal and formal options, from talking to your employer to raising a grievance.   

If you don’t want to find a way to stay in your job, it’s often easier to find a new job before leaving your old one.

This could mean you won’t lose income or have to worry about claiming benefits. You wouldn't have to answer difficult questions from a new employer about why you resigned without another job to go to.

If you still want to resign, you should work out your budget as this will show you how long you’ll be able to manage for, before you find another job. If it’s not for very long, it could be better to wait a bit longer before you resign.  

If you or your partner get any benefits, check if stopping work will affect them. For example, you could get less Universal Credit for 3 months or longer if the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) says you didn’t have a good reason for resigning. This is called a sanction.  

Contact Citizens Advice Oldham if you need help to work out how your benefits might change.

If you don’t have another job to go to, you can claim benefits straight away.

You can claim benefits as soon as you know the date you’re stopping work. You’ll need to show you had a good reason for resigning, or you might get less money for around 3 months. This is called a sanction.

You should also check what other benefits you could get.  

If you’re sure you want to resign, check the steps to take at our website.

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