MP backs campaign to prevent guide dogs attacks

Reporter: HELEN KORN
Date published: 24 August 2012

A campaign to stem attacks on guide dogs by other dogs has won the backing of Oldham MP Debbie Abrahams

On Monday it was announced owners of dangerous dogs that attack people in public will face stiffer penalties.

Now the MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth is supporting the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind Association in its bid to stop attacks on guide dogs from other dogs.

Attacks of this kind are at an all-time high of around eight a month.

Mrs Abrahams said: “An attack on any dog is frightening, but for a guide dog and its owner it’s much worse.”

“These unprovoked attacks could leave a blind or partially-sighted person a virtual prisoner in their own home.”

The Government is currently consulting about compulsory microchipping but its preferred option - to affect puppies only – wkukd take years to cover all dogs. GDB wants compulsory microchipping for all dogs in two years.

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