Labour prevail as Lib-Dems trail

Date published: 16 November 2012

LABOUR stormed to victory in last night’s by-election as the Lib-Dems crossed the line with an embarrassing 26 votes.

The race for Failsworth West saw Labour’s Elaine Garry poll more than 800 more votes than Lib-Dem candidate, Martin Dinoff.

Warren Bates, from UKIP, polled 489, while Lewis Quigg for the Conservatives took 122 and Green candidate, Jean Betteridge, took 68.

The Lib-Dem result that was later described by victorious Councillor Garry as the worst a mainstream party had ever suffered in Oldham.

The beleaguered party took less than 2 per cent of the total 1,545 votes cast, compared with 54 per cent for Labour. Council leader, Councillor Jim McMahon, said: “This was a great result for Elaine who will be a hardworking and dedicated councillor for Failsworth.

“This gives us encouragement that we are on the right course in our plans to create jobs and regenerate our borough.

“But it shows how much the Lib-Dem and Tory vote has collapsed.”

He added: “Over the past few months we have lost two outstanding councillors in Failsworth and I know that Barbara Dawson and Glenys Butterworth will be looking down cheering the result for Labour.”

E Garry (Lab) 832

W Bates (UKIP) 489

L Quigg (Con) 122

J Bettridge (Green) 68

M Dinoff (Lib Dem) 26


Turnout 20pc