Plaza plea to help transform arts base

Date published: 09 August 2013

PERFORMANCE Plaza owners Paul Burgess and Jason Bromley have signed the lease for their new base and are asking for help to transform it into an arts hub.

The pair have plans for a community choir, an internet radio station and a herb garden — alongside theatre, film, music and art events at the premises in Ashton Road West, Failsworth.

Paul said: “This is an opportunity we’ve waited for since 2005. Not having to rely on renting space to hold workshops will make a massive difference to us. It’s going to be an amazing little place and we can’t wait to get in there.”

Jason added: “There is a lot of work to do before we’re up and running. We need volunteers - skilled people who can help with cladding, roofing and basics like plastering and painting. We want this to be a welcoming place for everyone and an all hands on deck approach is the only way we’re going to get it done.”

Help offers to; visit for more information.