Green dream green light

Date published: 17 January 2014

AN eco-friendly house using solar energy and built with materials including recycled tyres and straw bails can be built in Greenfield.

The planning committee unanimously approved the application, for land off Huddersfield Road..

The Hurley house, named after applicant Andrew Hurley, will minimise emissions, reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable living.

The house is mainly underground but will have large, south-facing windows to capture sunlight and warmth. Solar panels and ground-source heat pumps, which extract warmth from the earth, will provide much of its power.

Straw bales and rubber tyres will give insulation, and the design will minimise exposure to cold north winds from the Saddleworth valleys, the committee heard. Stone facing will reflect local Pennine architecture.

Councillor John Hudson backed it saying: “We talk a lot about modern design but it’s important to support it. Saddleworth Parish Council is famous for whinging but it has approved this plan. This is an ideal plot and it won’t upset anyone.”