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List will protect significant buildings
OLDHAM Council has unveiled plans for a register of historically important buildings, to save them from potential destruction.

The borough has 526 listed buildings, but there are many more which, although locally significant, are afforded no protection unless they are in a conservation area.

Councillor Mike Buckley, Oldham’s new heritage champion, said: “Many historically and architecturally important buildings, including Greenacres Lodge, which dates back to the 1840s, and a number of old mills and inns, could be demolished.

“But if they are on a local register then anyone who wanted to pull them down would have to apply for planning permission.


If you have a favourite building that's not already listed, why not tell us about it/ We can then suggest that it be added to the register!

“Their inclusion on the list would have to play a major part in the decision made by the planning committee.”

The idea for the list comes from a heritage bill which is making its way through Parliament and which encourages councils to draw up lists of significant buildings.

Other councils have done so, and Oldham is keen to follow, but councillors have admitted that it is the public who will drive the changes.

Conservation officer Karen Heverin has appealed to the members of history societies to nominate properties for consideration.

The council has drawn up a list of features to look for, including buildings which are recognisable as being built before 1870 and structures which are not often seen in the town, such as evidence of Oldham’s coal mining industry.

Councillors are hoping that history societies will take responsibility for different areas of the borough and create detailed reports of the buildings, including photos.

The deputy leader of the council, Jackie Stanton, said: “We need to protect what we have because we have got some amazing things in Oldham.”

Councillor Mohib Uddin, cabinet member for regeneration, said: “Redeveloping the old town hall is only the start. Protecting our heritage is one of my top priorities.”

People who would like to get involved should phone Karen Heverin on 0161-770 3717.

Oldham Evening Chronicle - November 5, 2008

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