Mohammed sworn in as first youth mayor

Reporter: USMA RAJA
Date published: 29 May 2009

A COPPICE teenager made history when he was sworn in as the borough’s first youth mayor.

Mohammed Adil took office at a mayor-making ceremony yesterday.

The 19-year-old, known as Eddie, who is studying business and finance at Oldham College, has been a member of the Oldham Youth Council (OYC) for the past three years and previously served a two-year term as the group’s chairman.

The pioneering move came about after OYC members put the suggestion to the local authority’s department for Children, Young People and Families.

Mohammed hopes to be a voice for the borough’s young people. He said: “It is my great honour to be Oldham’s first youth mayor and I feel very excited about the next 12 months.

“Holding this position is a great responsibility as I will be a role model to all young people in Oldham and will represent them in so many ways.

“I think that my main aim is to show that young people are not the anti-social yobs that we are often depicted as, but rather we are talented, committed, hard-working and positive.

“Young people are the future of Oldham and by working together with the key decision-makers within the town we can all strive towards a brighter future for Oldham and its residents.”

Cabinet member Councillor Kay Knox said the council was proud to launch the groundbreaking initiative which proved its strong belief in young people, adding “Mohammed has earned his new position and we know he will be a super ambassador for young people across the borough.”

In the new role, Mohammed will attend civic duties alongside the Mayor, Councillor Jim McArdle, and will also represent the borough’s youth at a variety of community events.

Councillor McArdle, said: “Having a youth mayor is a wonderful idea and I am delighted at Mohammed’s appointment.

“Children and young people are a focal point of my term of office and to have a first-ever official youth representative who can shadow me on many of my engagements will be excellent.

“I know Mohammed will shine in this role and that his positive manner will help to highlight the enormous contribution that young people play in making this borough a vibrant place.”